MS701 SM

MS701 SM

Industrial Pro


Premium 3-stage solid resilient tire


  • Smooth tread pattern for maximum tread life
  • Premium natural rubber compounds:
    • Compounds do not contain crumb rubber or other fill materials
    • Cut and Tear resistant tread
    • Chunk Resistant, Non-Marking (NM)
    • Soft, heat resistant cushion center
    • Pure rubber base compound
  • Premium 3-Stage compound construction
    • Evenly layered compound uniformity
    • Internal steel ring reinforcement eliminates wheel slip
  • Product conforms to TRA and ETRTO global design standards
  • Wide footprint for maximum lifting stability
  • Full tread profile for uniform load distribution
  • Available in both Standard, and Swift (Clip/Halo/LOC) bead set configuration


Size Rim Type O.D. S.W. T.D. L.C.C.
Std. Swift in in in 6 mph 10 mph
18x9-8 SM7.00**
6.00-9 SM4.00E**
6.50-10 SM5.00F**
7.00-12 SM5.00S**
28x9-15 (8.15-15) SM7.00**27.o08.62.090006520
8.25-15 SM6.50**
10.00-20 SM7.50*40.710.03.21575511405
10.00-20 SM8.00*40.710.03.21701512320
12.00-20 SM8.00*42.811.33.41860513475
12.00-20 SM8.50*42.811.33.41976514320
12.00-20 SM10.00*42.811.33.42325516840