Solid OTR Tires

Discover our premium range of solid off-the-road solutions that can tackle the extreme through evolutionary performance, durability, and reliability.

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Premium 3-stage solid OTR loader tire. Ideal for the most extreme OTR and construction applications. Extra deep tread allows for 3 to 5 times longer tire life vs pneumatic. Mounts on standard multi-piece earthmover rims.


  • 3-stage, 100% rubber construction:
    • Ultra cut & wear resistant tread compound
    • Heat resistant cushion center compound
    • Pure rubber base compound
    • Internal hexagonal bead rings eliminate wheel slip
  • Zero maintenance solid construction:
    • No flats due to punctures or sidewall damage
    • No routine air pressure checks
  • Self-cleaning R4 tread pattern designed for maximum chunk resistance
  • Aperture (AP) sidewall configuration designed to provide soft ride
  • Smooth tread available to maximize tire life